*Our celebration of life, love & union.*

June 1, 2008

After a few months of intense planning, organizing, and creating our 'big' day has come and gone. With the support and devotion of many wonderful friends and family our handmade wedding celebration was a perfect success. I was incredibly pleased. We would like to thank each of you with all of our hearts for helping us to pull this off! How fast the 24 hours of your wedding day fly by. I had to often remind myself to be in/of the moment so I could reflect back to that day with a clear memory and it not be a complete blur.
For those dear friends and family that were not able to join us in our celebration this blogs for you!

Thanks to Ashley at AURELIAPHOTO.COM
We want to THANK Bubsy for cooking so much food for our day. We are fortunate to have our own Louisa Blvd. Italian chef. And thank you to everyone that helped to cater our celebration. Great friends and family come together to create wonders...THANK YOU... all of you!
Reverend Collin...you were fabulous. Having you perform our ceremony was a special touch that really added an irreplaceable element of joy! THANK YOU dearly for doing that for us! We are extremely pleased with how it turned out!! And Thank YOU Roz for all of your help with setup and bride prep!! xoxoxoxox YOur Neeeeext!
Dani Love * you created beautiful scrolls for me that fit in wonderfully and were a needed element that I had no creative energy to put towards them! Thank you so much for that! I love you.
Monica and Jamette THANK YOU* THANK YOU for all of your hard work in pulling all my ideas together. I know it may not have run completely smoothly and it definitely was a hot one but it all came together to create our perfect wedding! For this I will be thanking you everytime I see pictures! I love you both*
And of course I need to thank Joetta for helping to keep me sane in the time of overwhelming emotion. Gotta do this, gotta do that and don't forget to breathe. OF THE MOMENT not in the moment! Holding back from full fledged crying was very important to me. I succeeded! Thank you for keeping me together and making sure all the little details of the event took place! I love you!
A much needed THANKS to Kylie for capturing the special video of the most momentous time in my life, aside from giving birth to Kaya! Thank you so...much sweet Kylie we deeply appreciate it!!
We would like to give a sincere THANK YOU to Lynette for making our fabulously yummy carrot cake. Always a crowd pleaser! Thank you thank you thank YOU!!!
I would like to also give a huge THANK YOU to my incredibly talented sister in law, ASHLEY!
You are a blooming photographer with an eye for the natural story in precious moments! I can not thank you enough!! Visit aureliaphoto.com for more info on her work